Promote Your Practice with Dental Industry Videography

trendXglobal, the marketing team you need for your dental industry videography promotion.

What Can Dental Industry Videography Do for You?

You're a great dentist. Your results are high-quality and your patients walk away wide with the wide, healthy smiles you help them maintain. Promote your result with high-quality dental industry videography. 

Capture your process on film to make patients more confident in choosing your office for their care. Many experience fear of the dentist. Seeing you, the interior of the office, and how you conduct treatment can prepare them to come in.

A picture is great, but imagine what video of your results can show. Compare before and afters or just show your results on video to give the best possible impression of what your patients will find in your office.

What You Get

trendXglobal works with you to create multiple types of video for your dental website design.

Office Overviews

Give patients an idea of the type of office they are going to visit by showing off your space. Patients like to know they are coming to a modern, clean office before arriving.


Build trust with your patients by creating introductory videos that explain your background and show off your bedside manner.

Process Explanations

Videos that explain particular treatment processes are the perfect sort of expert content that builds trust. We will work to edit layman explanations with clear visuals so patients understand the dental procedure they are undergoing.

Social Media Video Content

Social media marketing is a must for anyone hoping to build a complete marketing profile. Videos for social media should be quick, engaging, and something worth pausing the social media scroll to check out. 

For dental industry videography, we specialize in cutting together engaging information - including from process videos and result comparisons - into brief, eye-catching videos that funnel viewers back to your website.


Perhaps the most important videos that can be made for dental marketing are ones that show your results. It is an accomplishment to take broken, stained, or crooked teeth and make them into a white, shining smile. Show this off in result videos. 

Patients will feel confident in your results. Your good work is all the advertising you need. 

How We Work

Our process fits seamlessly into your regularly scheduled work.


Working with your schedule, we'll get all footage taken efficiently of your office and consenting patients.


We edit high-quality video content to be optimized for multiple sites.


You'll get a preview of the final edits for approval.


As your dental marketing company is already handling your dental SEO, we post approved videos for you on your dental blog and social media.

Reach Out for Package Information

Get in touch to discuss videography packages. We have multiple options and the flexibility to meet your needs.

Give Your Something to Smile About

Promoting your practice with videography is an important part of dental websites. Set up a consultation with trendXglobal to get started on dental industry videography today.